A Safer Cinema

Sequel Seat is a premium cinema seat that elevates the cinema experience and aims to entice moviegoers back to cinemas in a post-COVID-19 world. The seat boasts a number of innovative features, including integrated speakers and LEDs that display the booking name on the headrest, removable protective screens, and in-built UV lighting to sterilise both the storage compartments and the seat itself. The 3D knitted fabric upholstery is hydrophobic, incorporates antibacterial copper threads and is seamlessly woven to eliminate crevices that may act as dirt traps.

The design language of Sequel Seat is contemporary, with a rolling rhythm created by the rise and fall of the armrests, and a subtle wing back. The fresh and inviting colour palette is inspired by the pastels used in Wes Anderson films, giving the seat a connection to the world of cinema and setting it apart from the outdated black and burgundy palette of conventional seating.








Strategic research
Industrial design
Ethnographic research
Colour, material and finish

In today’s rapidly evolving entertainment landscape, it is essential for the cinema to offer an experience that is significantly differentiated from the growing streaming market.