The Trove app makes interacting with complex cryptocurrencies easier and more approachable.

FinTech Futures

Trove is a digital wallet and app that offers unhackable, unloseable cryptocurrency storage. Created in collaboration with a fintech start-up, it is currently in the beta testing stage.

It acts as a wallet for various cryptocurrencies and makes it simple to buy and sell cryptocurrency and make everyday purchases. You can also see your spending history and compare the performance of different cryptocurrencies. An AI financial advisor offers guidance, and a tracking function enables you to know the location of your Trove hardware at all times.

Our Role

Our digital team collaborated with our product design team to create an app with an intuitive UI/UX to complement the physical product. We utilised our extensive experience in designing “soft tech” to deliver a product that blurred boundaries between fashion and wearable technology.

We believe complicated subjects should be rethought with clear and simple UX to become more accessible