Keia reimagines microdosing. A world where medicine, nature and well-being merge.

A Look Towards Reform

A sustainable, microdose subscription service; Keia is a window to a world in which everyone can reframe their mind and mood, free from misconception and outdated taboo.

Keia forms new expectations for consumables. A reformatted journey through joyful unexpected texture and taste.

Our Role

LAYER created a holistic product design, sustainable packaging design, and considered brand strategy for Keia. The project involved in-depth research into innovative, sustainable materials, user case studies, and the development of sophisticated renderings to bring the products to life.

Shifting , leaf-like qualities speak to nature, and the graceful, ebb- and flow of the mind. A classical, rhythmic, lower-case serif feels conversational and approachable

A medley of materiality. Mycelium, tea & coffee waste, wheatstraw and agar based packaging. A celebration of the natural world's wonder, tactility, and the experimental materials that can be derived from it