The PAL app connects to the smart, modular scooter via a wireless bluetooth earpiece using NIO’s NOMI system, an artificially-intelligent digital companion.

Platform not Product

The PAL app is part of the PAL prototype developed for Chinese electric vehicle company NIO, designed to offer flexible and convenient “last mile” travel.

Through NOMI, PAL uses machine learning to become accustomed to a user’s routes over time and, eventually, become autonomous. It also responds to simple voice commands and requests, such as “What’s the best route?”, “Take me to work” or “How much battery is left?”

Together, the PAL vehicle and PAL app form a system that addresses the growing congestion and population density of our cities and offers a possible solution to these global challenges.

Our Role

We conducted strategic research that informed our industrial design process, while we worked with Bang and Olufsen’s professional ‘tonmeisters’ along the DFM process to support the engineering team that resulted in the successful launch of the product in 2021.

We create products that offer greater convenience and respond to the challenges presented by our cities – but we do so in a way that is also sensitive to the needs of our planet