PLAYR comprises a smart pod, a high performance vest, and an app. The pod is inserted into the garment, which is worn underneath or over a football jersey.

Athletic Attitude

The pod communicates with GPS networks and the PLAYR app to track the athlete during training or a game, including distance covered, sprint distance, Pitch heat map, and player load.

Our Role

LAYER led the design and development of Catapult’s first consumer product and created a cross-platform re-brand. The project took a holistic approach, encompassing everything from industrial design, engineering, and design for manufacture, to developing an app, brand identity, a logo mark, tone-of-voice and brand assets to complement the hardware.

We transformed a B2B system into a B2C bestseller in just 12 months – overseeing brand, digital and product design.

“LAYER played an instrumental role in helping us design and engineer an intelligent product that redefines sport-tech in an approachable and insightful fashion combined with cutting-edge technology.”

Benoît Simeray – CEO, Catapult Consumer