Press is an innovative timber chair for MDF Italia crafted from a single sheet of 3D-Veneer that combines the beauty of natural timber with a complex curved form.

Innovative Ergonomics

The chair takes its name from the production process used to create the complex forms in the 3D-Veneer without cracking. This involves a two-part aluminium mould that presses the innovative timber material into the organic 3D seat form in which every line has a gentle curvature to create both a visual and physical sense of comfort. Both the structure of the wood and the texture of the veneer are celebrated in the process, and the pattern of the natural timber grain emphasises the chair’s curved form. The compound curvature also adds strength to the shell of the chair, whilst allowing it to remain lightweight.

The dynamic lines of PRESS are balanced by its classic form, which ensures the chair has a timeless appeal. The intentionally smooth and seamless shell has not only been designed to stand the test of time, but to sit comfortably in a variety of different environments. This approach means that PRESS fits as easily around a conference table in a workplace setting as it does around a dining table in the home.

Our Role

LAYER is consistently exploring new and innovative materials, and the Press chair is driven by this ongoing research. The chair was in development for 2 years, and the LAYER team developed the collection from concept through to production. Throughout the design process the studio created multiple 1:5 and 1:1 scale models, as well as using 3D CAD to visualise the complex curvature of the seat form.

“When working with any material at LAYER we like to push its potential – and an innovative material such as 3D-Veneer creates so many opportunities to experiment. While it was essential that the form of the chair express the material qualities of 3D-Veneer, it was just as important that it have a timeless quality to ensure longevity.”