LAYER created a cross-platform re-brand for leading sports analytics company Catapult, including brand identity, art direction and tone-of-voice.

Simplifying Sport Tech

The creative team at LAYER took a holistic approach to the project, focusing on simplifying how Catapult communicates complex information.

Our approach of overseeing all project elements enabled us to create a unified, high-performance design language in tune with the mindset of the Catapult audience across every touchpoint. The logo mark and brand assets, for example, feature the same softly angular forms as Catapult’s hardware, the PLAYR wearable system, also designed by LAYER.

Our Role

LAYER led the design and development of Catapult’s first consumer product and created a cross-platform re-brand. The project took a holistic approach, encompassing everything from industrial design, engineering, and design for manufacture, to developing an app, brand identity, a logo mark, tone-of-voice and brand assets to complement the hardware.

We know how to break information down and simplify values to communicate a brand message clearly.