Talma is a breakthrough product for Italian luxury furniture brand Moroso that offers an entry-level armchair to appeal to a new consumer demographic.

A Light Touch

Talma takes its name from a type of cloak, a nod to the chair’s construction. The softly padded textile is wrapped around a lightweight metal framework, mirroring the way a cloak would wrap the body. This combination of metal frame and padded textile allows the chair to use a minimal amount of polyurethane foam, reducing its carbon footprint.

Our Role

LAYER conducted detailed research into the conventional construction of upholstered chairs to uncover opportunities to reduce the material impact. We then developed an innovative upholstery technique to reduce the supply chain and production costs and deliver a sustainable, cradle-to-grave product that exemplifies affordable luxury.

We created a new level of comfort with an inventive textile and construction method by working closely with our network of prototypers