Resonate LightVision is a meditation headset for US startup Resonate. The headset features an LED light matrix that allows powerful meditation to be attained simply and effortlessly.

Meditation Remastered

In a world where we are increasingly exposed to stressors, immersive meditation is more important than ever before. The soft, welcoming design sets a new standard for meditation, with a minimal visual language that encourages a restful state of mind. The textile-wrapped casing softens the high-tech product, while the seamlessly integrated, adjustable strap is elevated by metallic branding details that evoke jewellery.

Our Role

LAYER conducted dozens of user interviews to uncover insights into human behaviour and desires in meditation. Based on these findings, we developed a refined visual language for LightVision through an intensive process of iterative prototyping, including the generation of test rigs and working prototypes.

“In this world, mindfulness and meditation is more relevant than ever before. Finding the time to practice or to obtain the knowledge and experience needed to practice efficiently, however, is no easy task. Resonate LightVision allows you to quickly reach a deep meditative state effortlessly”

Benjamin Hubert – Founder, LAYER