Move is a prototype airline seat and app for Airbus that utilises smart textiles to improve the economy class experience.

Connected Comfort

The Move app connects to the smart-textile seat cover to monitor movement and temperature. This data is analysed by the app, which sends targeted messages, including prompts to move around the cabin to improve circulation, when and how to do in-seat stretches, and reminders to stay hydrated. Passengers can also use the Move app to adjust the seat based on personal preference and to engage different seat modes, including massage, mealtime, and sleep.

Our Role

Our digital team conducted research into common pain points of the flying experience and responded with an innovative interactive seating solution. We also created an accompanying app concept to humanise the flying experience. The evocative UI visuals and photorealistic renders developed by the studio resulted in worldwide press coverage.

Our team conducts extensive research at each stage to ensure every project is driven by forward-thinking functionality and real innovation