TRIADA is a trio of tables for Spanish furniture brand Andreu World. The collection includes a stackable bar table, a stackable dining table, and a height adjustable occasional table.

Sculpted Stance

The TRIADA collection demonstrates how an expressive form can finesse industrial die-cast aluminium and imbue the utilitarian material with a sense of elegance. The tripod-style legs have a subtle sculptural quality that gives the tables an ownable expression without it being overbearing.

The soft impression is deepest at the foot of the leg and flows gently towards the central stem, reminiscent of the hand of an artisan working with clay. This sensitive approach gives the tables a crafted aesthetic that sets them apart in a market saturated by more technical visual language.

Our Role

Detailed market mapping allowed LAYER to identify a gap in the market for a flexible table with a timeless design language. Our team visual prototypes and test rigs to explore adaptability and CMF, and were closely involved in the design for manufacture process.

The challenge was to create a table with an effortless visual language that would stand the test of time, yet with an impactful identity to prevent it from getting lost in a crowded market.