Tent Chair is the world’s first truly three-dimensional knit, with steam activated 3D-knitted cushions and seamless sleeves integrated into the body of the chair.

Technical Tension

We understand how to tame technical production techniques to deliver meaningful moments of usability through the manipulation of materials.

The Tent Chair is the result of 20 prototypes over a two-year development period, and represents the studio’s increased focus on delivering intelligent material solutions.

Our Role

Tent Chair is part of our ongoing research into the future of smart textile construction. The chair explores new digital knitting technologies to improve the furniture manufacturing process. An innovative digital knitting process allowed us to create a seamless upholstery with over 2 million knitted loops from 50,000 metres of recyclable nylon yarn.

Our extensive knowledge of 3D-knitting techniques and applications comes from working closely with a global network of innovative factories