Level is a conceptual, re-configurable router made up of modular elements, each of which serves a bespoke functional purpose and drives a new visual format.

Your Network, Your Way

The interchangeable components that make up Level include a display unit, WiFi-sensing element, mesh repeater, and computational module for Web3 use cases. Users can build a router that meets and amplifies their specific needs and the individual, wireless-connected modules can be upgraded as technology evolves.

The playful, geometric forms of each module challenge the conventional language of high-tech devices, bringing an intuitive and more thought provoking language to the connected home – an approach that encourages users to proudly display Level in the interior.

Our Role

LAYER collaborated with Deutsche Telekom Design Team to ideate the future of communications and connectivity and ignite the imagination. Level is an exploration of a rich new design language and CMF for technology in the home, driven by a reformatted technology scheme. The aim of Level is to elevate the often ubiquitous router to a covetable and evocative design object.

"In collaboration with Deutsche Telekom Design Team, we explored the opportunities that arise when you break the conventional format of a router into distinct functional elements, add more functionality, and give the user the power to configure their router in a way that suits their needs. In doing so, we created a totally new visual vocabulary for home technology.”

Benjamin Hubert – Founder, LAYER