View is a first-of-its-kind, holographic home hub that re-imagines Deutsche Telekom’s services and hardware in a concept vision for a more immersive future.

The New Face of Connectivity

View provides a human face to complex technological interactions with a 3D holographic, AI-equipped, virtual assistant that guides you through the digital world and facilitates holographic calls. Smart depth cameras scan the user’s face to create evocative, 3D holograms that bring the magic of face-to-face interactions to remote communications across any distance.

Our Role

LAYER collaborated with Deutsche Telekom Design Team to explore the future of communications and connectivity and ignite the imagination. For View, we conducted in-depth research into bleeding-edge technologies and global trends in connectivity and communication. Our mechanical and electrical engineering teams then brought the complex project to life through a series of functional, interactive holographic prototypes, driven by next-gen hardware and software features to exhibit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“At LAYER, we believe in seeking out and creating the next generation of technology platforms to break down barriers of distance and bring people together – and it has been a privilege to collaborate with Deutsche Telekom Design Team to explore possible communication futures.”

Benjamin Hubert – Founder, LAYER