LAYER developed the inaugural nolii products from prototype to product ready.

Our Role

We oversaw the creation of hundreds of functional prototypes and product samples, designed the packaging, branding, and built the website. LAYER was also behind the brand’s art direction and has creatively led and executed all product shoots, lifestyle shoots, and branding.


The all-in-one power solution for phones and tablets combines a set of folding plugs, for use around the world, with a battery pack, reducing the number of chargers, batteries, and adaptors you need to stay connected.
Using the mains plug you can charge from a fixed location, such as home, office or café. Using the battery pack, you can charge while on the move.
Set is in pre-production and details may change on the production version.


Bundle is a clever cable with an integrated loop for neatly gathering the cord for storage. When not in use, it docks on the Bundle Base – so, no more scrambling under the desk or bed to find the connector. The Kevlar-reinforced cable offers a robust defence against splitting and abrasions. Plus, an extended flexible TPU coating around Bundle’s connection points means no more frayed ends or edges.


Couple makes your phone work harder for you. The protective case system features an integrated clip onto which a range of accessories – from a battery to a wallet – can be attached. Whether you need extra power on-the-go or you want to leave your wallet behind, it’s as simple as clip and click.


Together, the Stack batteries can charge a laptop, or the smaller battery can be separated and used as a more compact power solution for smartphones and tablets. The multi-functional charging pack covers all your charging needs throughout a busy day.
Stack is in pre-production and details may change on the production version.


Keep is always there for you. The compact battery pack provides a burst of power to take your phone from 1% to 50% – with no need for bulky battery cases or chargers.
Keep is also the ultimate accessory for tech emergencies with a find-my-phone functionality packed into the product and the accompanying Keep app. Like a keyring, Keep can be attached to keys or a bag, and integrated Bluetooth tracking ensures it can always be found using the app.