Pendler is a compact urban e-bike concept that combines high-performance technology with a finely crafted aesthetic to create a new vision for urban commuting.

A Crafted Commute

Pendler comes with several detachable accessories that enable users to carry luggage, as well as a dock that offers safe access to devices while riding. The compact wheelbase and relatively small 20-inch wheels allow for easy storage and travel on public transport, reducing the complexities involved in urban commuting. The folding pedals and 90-degree turning handles also facilitate storage in compact urban spaces where space is at a premium.

Our Role

LAYER conducted intensive workshops with diverse cycling demographics to develop a solution that meets the specific needs of city commuters. We created detailed photorealistic visualisations to bring the concept to life and successfully drive the next steps of the engineering process.

We believe in easy everyday travel for all. Our aim with Pendler was to envisage a safer, more convenient and effortless mode of personal transport to enable independence for commuting in the city.