Croft is defining a new future for energy driven by an enduring, local and green hydrogen economy.

A Greener Future

US-based start-up Croft is building a sustainable future based on products that reimagine the way we use and engage with hydrogen power. LAYER has been intimately involved with the brand since its inception, leading the development of an identity and product portfolio that celebrates robust engineering, simple usability, and engaging forms that empower users with the long-range, extreme-capability of hydrogen.

Our Role

LAYER worked with Croft from the outset to develop a powerful brand identity, including brand mark, CMF strategy, tone-of-voice guide, product design, and packaging. We conducted numerous workshops with the Croft team to understand their vision and are part of helping to raise further funding.

"Working on both brand identity and product development at the same time meant that progress was really, really fast – the deliverables were dramatically accelerated and we are far ahead of what our investors expected of us."

Isaac Holeman, Founder - Croft

"The two teams navigated the project incredibly well and challenged us to push our thinking based on research in the market."

Isaac Holeman, Founder - Croft