Breeze is a coffee machine for Korean brand Kanu that celebrates a visually soft design language and seamlessly integrates with the home.

An Elevated Coffee Experience

The softened geometry and tonal palette of Breeze offer stark contrast to the overt design language typically found in kitchen appliances. The machine is composed of simple block forms, with a confidently cantilevered head and an adjustable drip tray that provides a platform to celebrate the beverage. Intuitive back-lit icons on the top surface communicate in a delightfully discreet way.

Our Role

We created a new visual language for Kanu’s coffee machines by translating our market mapping and trend research into valuable insights. We worked closely with Kanu throughout the design and engineering process and sourced affordable materials that were elevated through sophisticated detailing.

“Making coffee is a timeless practice, deeply rooted in ritual. The Breeze coffee machine elevates the coffee experience through a Mid-Century-inspired language and an intuitive user interface.”

Benjamin Hubert - Founder of LAYER

“We have created a new vision for a time-honoured machine, one which is more akin to an interior object than a kitchen appliance.”

Benjamin Hubert - Founder of LAYER