Capsula Mini is a highly affordable compact smart assistant with a softly rounded visual language that sits comfortably in the home.

Get Smart

Capsula Mini revolutionises the smart assistant experience by creating a fun, friendly presence in the home. This is mainly achieved by the seven-segment display that anthropomorphises the device to express the emotions of the VK voice assistant Marusya through two eyes and a nose. By creating a character that users can seemingly befriend and communicate with, the high-tech device becomes engaging and intuitive to use for everyone from children to adults.

Our Role

LAYER defined a welcoming visual language for Capsula Mini, alongside sophisticated design engineering and UI development. Throughout the process, there was a focus on minimising parts and reducing the bill of materials (BOM), while maximising the sensitivity of the visual language to create a high perceived value.

“LAYER’s sensitive approach to colour, material, and finish and attention to detail was essential in elevating an affordable product to differentiate it in the market and capture the attention and imagination of a diverse audience.”

Boris Kaganovich - Head of Smart Devices, VK