ROSTRUM is an infinitely scalable sofa system with a highly sophisticated design language that takes its name from a raised performance platform.

Infinite Opportunity

This elevated structure gracefully cradles the soft cushioning and reduces the visual weight of the sofa system. It also allows for the use of a minimal, lightweight, frame system that acts as a signature element across a range of CMF expressions, with the ability to mix and match materials, colours, and finishes.

The intuitive functionality of the accessories – such as the simple swivel of the height adjustable table – complements the architectural forms. These linear forms are further emphasised by the ribbed detail of the dividing screens, which echoes the slender legs; while power is integrated seamlessly into the frame structure.

Our Role

Our product design and engineering teams collaborated to develop a flexible system that would tap into the diverse needs of the market. The cost-effective frame system has a focus on reduced weight to minimise environmental impact, and the design is driven by the production capabilities of Prostoria, resulting in an efficient manufacturing process.