Move is a prototype airline seat for Airbus that utilises smart textiles to improve the economy class experience.

A lighter way to fly

The digitally-knitted seat cover uses smart textiles and sensors to enable passengers to monitor and control various factors – including seat tension, temperature, pressure and movement – using the Move app. Move analyses this data and adjusts the seat to maintain optimal ergonomic comfort. The lightweight seat also reduces the on-board weight, resulting in significant fuel savings. This forward-thinking functionality is the result of extensive research into the pain points of flying.

Our Role

LAYER conducted research into common pain points of the flying experience and responded with an innovative seating solution using smart textiles – an approach driven by our ongoing materials research. We also created an accompanying app concept. The evocative visuals and photorealistic renders developed by the studio resulted in worldwide press coverage.

We believe good design should be accessible to all and benefit both the partners we work with and the end-user.