Joyn is a near-future concept for an autonomous ridesharing platform that is safer and more desirable.

Rideshare Revolution

Joyn has been designed to maximise comfort and vehicles can be configured to suit different needs, from daily commutes to airport transfers. Passengers use the app to locate vehicles, and can see what seats and storage spaces are available.

The modular seat pairs maximise privacy with wings that can be opened out to create a “buddy seat”. The interior is inspired by residential interiors, and the exterior is a smart-glass “bubble” on which information can be displayed.

Our Role

After conducting extensive research into the rideshare industry, LAYER identified a gap in the market and used this discovery to fuel a near-future concept exploration. Our team visualised the concept through evocative illustrations, animations, and renderings, and designed an accompanying app.

Our team conducts insightful research into today’s rapidly changing industries to develop solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.