In partnership with Menu, we expanded their core portfolio of domestic wine accessories to include a high-performance yet cost-effective wine breather.

800% Effective

We identify emerging opportunities in consumer markets, and create breakthrough solutions with tangible benefits.

Providing 800% aeration, WW transforms the experience of consuming wine at home, strengthening Menu’s position in this market.

Our Role

We created over twenty prototypes of the WW carafe during the design process to test the flow of wine and obtain the maximum aeration. We then worked with Menu on the design for manufacture process, sourcing manufacturers for the Danish-made stainless steel ‘breather’, mouth-blown glass, and injection-moulded silicone seal.

“Benjamin Hubert is able to create really inventive solutions without making them look like inventions. LAYER’s work is visually engaging and functionally smart, a combination our market is looking for”

Bjarne Hansen – Founder, Menu

The WW carafe and glassware were Menu’s fastest selling products of the year