The AXYL collection is part of LAYER’s commitment to working with companies to lower their impact on the environment with engaging but responsible new products.

Sustainable Statement

The recycled aluminium in the Y-frame of the chairs uses just 5% of the energy required to create new aluminium and offers significant cost savings; the chair shells, stool tops and café table tops are available in a variety of low-impact materials, including recycled wood fibre, reclaimed timber and recycled nylon, offering an efficient method of re-using waste product from the furniture industry.

Our Role

LAYER created a distinctive design language for Axyl driven by a desire to reduce the product’s carbon footprint. Our team sourced suppliers for the recycled aluminium and led the development of the tooling used to manufacture the inverted ‘Y’ silhouette of the aluminium casting.

“LAYER helped us to deliver a complex, high quality product from start to finish that successfully brought together a robust set of functional features, highly sculptural forms and sustainable credentials with superb attention to detail.”

Matt Ousby – Design Director, Allermuir

AXYL won 10 international design awards in 12 months with its distinctive sustainable story.