Pebble is a playful coffee machine for leading Korean brand Kanu designed to deliver the perfect Americano.

Framing the Perfect Pour

Designed to challenge the conventional design language of traditional espresso machines, Pebble has a playful, sculptural form with a distinctive character. The elevated drip tray platform gracefully presents the cup of coffee to the user and the front face frames the coffee and the cup, celebrating the everyday act of making coffee.

To complement the playful geometry, Pebble is available in two colours – a delicate off-white inspired by coffee crema and a sophisticated charcoal grey. The geometric forms are crafted from soft-touch polymer in a mix of gloss and satin finishes to create a premium feel at an affordable price point.

Our Role

Kanu approached LAYER to design an affordable yet desirable coffee machine with a youthful appeal. The design team collaborated closely with the engineering team to reimagine the form and visual language of the appliance, and was closely involved with Kanu to bring the product to market. LAYER also supported Kanu with the creation of life-like renderings throughout the process.

“Coffee is one of life’s little joys and, with Pebble we look to elevate that experience in an affordable way. By combining a visually desirable form with an intuitive UI, we have reimagined the coffee machine as a lifestyle accessory capable of creating the perfect Americano.”