The KiteONE installation celebrated the data-driven modularity of the new products.

Flexible Format

Playing on the theme of “modularity” – reflecting the concept behind the KiteONE custom eyewear collection – the installation comprised a tiled wall that offered a flexible and playful display method for the Kite eyewear collection and a central mirrored bench on which the KiteONE collection was showcased. The minimal design language reflects the ethos of the brand and provided a simple yet visually engaging backdrop for the collection.

Our Role

LAYER employed a strategic approach, analysing the existing Kite collection, eyewear market, parallel industry thought leaders, and available technology. We then established opportunities to create an ownable new brand system and product roadmap, with a focus on offering a multi-sensory experience for the consumer at every step of their interaction with Kite – including an exhibition at London Design Festival.

We created a cost effective modular system that could be re-used at future events