PAL is a near-future prototype for an intelligent, modular personal transport system that embraces AI and machine learning.

A Smarter Last Mile

We believe the future is autonomous and sustainable. Various accessories – bag, basket, shopping cart – can be affixed to the front of PAL to cater to the user’s lifestyle and changing needs. A wireless Bluetooth earpiece connects to NIO’s NOMI system via the PAL app, also designed by LAYER.

PAL uses machine learning to become accustomed to a user’s routes over time and, eventually, become autonomous. The graphene-coated carbon fibre vehicle has been designed to create harmony between the human response to home and lifestyle design and high-tech, high-performance transport.

Our Role

LAYER conducted interviews with diverse demographic groups to establish the desires for “last-mile” travel and transformed these insights into a lifestyle-inspired electric vehicle. We worked with leading production facilities to create sophisticated prototypes and our digital team designed an accompanying app concept to elevate the experience.

“We approached LAYER to work on PAL as the studio is very visible as a market and design leader. There is a high level of professionalism in the team and we had a lot of trust in the deliverables and creative solutions, which is a winning combination."

Alexander Åhnebrink - Design Director, NIO Life

“Through the surprising use of natural materials and friendly design language, LAYER transformed it into a true lifestyle product for the near future. In many ways, the team created a new product category.”

Alexander Åhnebrink - Design Director, Nio Life

We believe it is important to create high-performance products that express lifestyle values and sensibilities rather than an overtly tech-driven language.