Pelt combines an elegant execution with an acute environmental awareness that resonates with today’s market desires

Clever Construction

We believe a beautiful object is one that does more with less. Pelt employs a sophisticated construction method to minimise material usage, and a pragmatic form that inspires flexible living. The thin 8mm plywood shell wraps around a solid ash frame akin to the skin over an animal’s skeleton. This “skin” extends down the front and rear legs with a tab that seamlessly integrates with the solid frame beneath.

Our Role

Through a detailed iterative process that involved the in-house production of dozens of models and prototypes, the LAYER team developed an innovative construction for a dining chair to reduce material impact. Based on the success of the Pelt chair, we expanded the collection to include stools and shelves that share the familial design language.

We believe beautiful detailing can be a product’s standout signifier of quality