Ostryche is a new brand defining the future of sustainable urban transport through thoughtfully designed e-bikes.

Riding High

Ostryche was founded in 2023 to reimagine how people use e-bikes. LAYER created a dynamic identity that emphasises the sense of effortless movement that the brand celebrates. The logo evokes the distinctive motion of the brand’s namesake, while the modern, minimal wordmark has synergy with the strikingly contemporary bike frame, which was also designed and engineered by LAYER. The core colour strategy is inspired by the plumage of an ostrich with a flash of electric green to denote call-to-action points. The collaboration between Ostryche and LAYER is ongoing, with new collections launching soon.

Our Role

We conducted in-depth research into the crowded cycling and e-bike markets to identify opportunities for differentiation. Our branding team then developed a brand name, logo, colour and typographic strategies, alongside the first Ostryche e-bike.