Vale for KFI Studios launched with an immersive installation crafted using elements from the sustainable seating collection to celebrate re-use.

Waste Not, Want Not

Vale for KFI Studios is a sustainable collection of chairs and stools defined by a pressed felt shell that is created using recycled PET bottles. The collection launched at leading design event NeoCon in Chicago, at an exhibition stand that was also designed by LAYER. More than 300 PET felt shells were repurposed and attached to a steel frame to create a captivating central helix that funnels down to a plinth that showcases the collection. The installation immerses visitors and encourages a circular flow through the space, allowing the seating to be viewed from all angles.

This innovative, material-driven approach celebrates the studio’s sustainable mindset to design, which prioritises thoughtful materiality and considers how furniture can be responsibly recycled at the end of its usable life.

“The Vale collection is a study in restraint – in materials, form, and design language – that echoes the restraint required to live responsible in today’s world. In doing so, it celebrates the mindful approach of LAYER as a design studio.”

Benjamin Hubert – Founder, LAYER