Scale is the world’s first super-modular stand-alone acoustic system that grows and shrinks with today’s constantly evolving workplace.

Adaptable Applications

We understand that sustainability is not only about recyclability, but also about extending a product’s lifespan through its ability to adapt to dynamic environments.

Our Role

Scale involved in-depth materials research to develop a sustainable, modular acoustic system. Our team also conducted extensive interviews to establish user behaviours and desires in the workplace. The rigorous iterative design process involved multiple prototyping stages to develop the robust solution.

“I believe the emerging work environment will be enriched with our new product Scale, a sculptural space divider that provides elegance with improved acoustics and is easily demountable and versatile.”

Bettina Groves – New Business Director, Woven Image

Our innovative material selection process led us to pressed hemp – it’s three times cheaper and grows 10 times more quickly.