LABB – Loopless and Buckleless Band – is an injection-moulded strap for the new generation of smart watches.

Future Fixation

We create products that simplify emerging technologies by minimising the need for complicated elements.

LABB's design is based on an innovative, self-gripping fixing system in which the two halves of the strap intuitively connect along their entire surface, negating the need for additional buckles and loops.

LABB rethinks a long-established typology to provide a new, simple and engaging approach to functionality for future generations of smart products.

Our Role

LAYER created multiple prototypes to develop the IP rich fastening technique for LABB. Our team then sourced a Swiss manufacturer capable of high-quality injection-moulding using FKM fluoroelastomer, and supported a successful Kickstarter campaign that funded the first production run.

“Working with LAYER was the best choice we could have made to bring this complex project to life. LAYER has a true vision of problem solving and a team of engineers that are not afraid to take up a challenge and deliver”

David Vanhouteghem - Director, Noomoon

We created an IP-rich, future-proofed product to add value to the brand