LAYER is the first agency to rethink the generic charity box, creating a powerful tool for fundraising.

Small Change, Big Difference

The new collection box for Maggie’s cancer charity is a valuable tool to increase fundraising capability through a strong format that can be readily identified as belonging to the charity and stand out in any context. The body of the box leans forward to present an open face with a clearly demarcated money slot. The easy-grip form is inviting and also has ergonomic benefits for Maggie’s volunteers carrying heavy, coin-filled collection boxes.

Our Role

LAYER conducted extensive market mapping and research into how users engage with conventional donation boxes to identify opportunities for impact. We developed dozens of prototypes in-house, worked directly with suppliers and manufacturers to bring the product to market, and oversaw a trial period to establish the effectiveness of the new design.

Donations increased by 85% after the new products we designed were introduced to the market

“Benjamin and his studio have demonstrated great insight in understanding the needs of our organisation and that of our supporters. They have sensitively captured our design philosophy and values”

Sarah Matthews – Marketing Director, Maggie's