Eyewear brand Kite approached LAYER to help to redefine the brand’s position in the saturated eyewear market.

Powerful Repositioning

LAYER developed the brand book, tone-of-voice, product photography, launch installation and products in synchronicity to ensure every element was aligned to the brand’s new values.

Our team employed a strategic approach, analysing the existing Kite collection, eyewear market, parallel industry thought leaders, and available technology. We then established opportunities to create an ownable new brand system and product roadmap, with a focus on offering a multi-sensory experience for the consumer at every step of their interaction with Kite.

Our Role

We conducted strategic research that informed our industrial design process, while we worked with Bang and Olufsen’s professional ‘tonmeisters’ along the DFM process to support the engineering team that resulted in the successful launch of the product in 2021.

“LAYER are quite a unique studio. Successfully and consistently delivering results at the intersection of brand strategy and product design. A very impressive team”

Amar Radia – CEO, Kite

To stand out in a commodity market we employ strong, ownable brand systems.