Buddy is an intelligent AI-based companion and powerful router that moves around the home and provides users with assistive services.

A Friendly Home Assistant

Buddy is a conceptual vision that combines connectivity with innovative adaptive technologies to continually evolve, learn, and interact with groundbreaking intelligence. The dynamic assistant moves around the home, adapting to the user’s rituals and comes alive when engaged. Buddy communicates information on the home and local community through its expressive ‘emotion and information display’ within a modular head-unit or projects information onto any surface.

Our Role

LAYER collaborated with Deutsche Telekom Design Team to explore the future of communications and connectivity and ignite the imagination. Our industrial designers worked closely with our UI/UX and digital teams to conduct in-depth research into rituals and habits within the home. The insights gathered were combined with innovative autonomous AI capabilities to re-define the format, form and experience of interacting with your router.

“Buddy was a fun project that redefines what it means to have a router in your home. We explored what might happen if your router was intelligent and could elevate your experience of the home in ways beyond connectivity. The result is a personable, AI-enabled companion that is more like a member of the family than another inanimate technology object.”

Benjamin Hubert – Founder, LAYER