The NGA website is a celebration of the brand personality and the inaugural collection.

A Holistic Approach

Never Go Alone is a wellness start-up founded during the pandemic to empower users to live and travel responsibly. LAYER created a strategic brand, products, packaging, website and e-commerce platform.

Bold text overlays and parallax scrolling create depth that draws users into the site; while the use of welcoming architectural elements aligns with the brand positioning. Natural textures complement the product range, allowing users to viscerally connect with the brand driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

Our Role

LAYER developed the NGA website, e-commerce platform, and social media strategy alongside the brand identity, inaugural collection, and packaging to create a holistic user experience. Our digital team created a dynamic website that immerses users in the NGA world and allows them to engage with the brand’s products.

“The LAYER team applied their multidisciplinary, future-focused approach and holistic design thinking to all aspects of Never Go Alone, from the branding and website to product and packaging design.”

Nga Nguyen – founder, Never Go Alone