This innovative layered mask offers seamlessly bonded construction and adjustable features that provide exceptional comfort.

Behind the Mask

The outermost layer is a highly breathable and lightweight knitted fabric that conceals a replaceable bespoke PM2.5 diamond-shaped filter that fits the contours of the face. This layer is bonded to an ultrasuede mid-layer that gives the mask a sculptural structure while providing soft touchpoints for the skin.

The innermost layer is an advanced technical Superfine knit that incorporates antibacterial fibres for increased protection. The mask also utilises modular ear loops so the user can customise the colour to match their style. When not in use, it folds flat and can be stored in a convenient travel pouch.

Our Role

Our design team conducted extensive research to find the most effective and comfortable materials for a face mask, including materials incorporating advanced technical fibres. We then sourced suppliers, worked closely with manufacturing partners, and developed a launch strategy to successfully bring the product to market.

“LAYER explored new technologies and cutting-edge materials that allowed us to revolutionise the functionality of a reusable face mask without compromising its design integrity.”

Nga Nguyen, Co-Founder of Never Go Alone

“In today’s world, we believe it is essential to transform medical and hygiene products into sustainable lifestyle accessories that people want to use every day.”

Benjamin Hubert - Founder of LAYER