Earth Rated is a brand that celebrates pet ownership – and it needed a new identity to reflect its growing ambitions.

Playful Products

LAYER has reimagined the Earth Rated poop bags and dispensers, allowing for easy access to the bags and the opportunity to create a “billboard” for the brand as the bags unroll. The studio also designed a collection of dog toys that celebrates the sustainable values of Earth Rated. Joyful geometric forms are combined to create objects that invite interaction, while textured surfaces encourage an intuitive user experience for both pet and person. These products are part of an extensive rebranding project for Earth Rated, led by LAYER

Our Role

We conducted workshops with the Earth Rated team to determine their vision for the future, and intensive user research into the experience of pet ownership to gain valuable insights. We then created a holistic brand strategy, including brand mark, design language, CMF, tone-of-voice guide, a suite of product design, and sustainable packaging.