Ensemble is a collection of modular glass centrepieces for iconic Swedish glass brand Orrefors.

Glasswork Reimagined

The Ensemble collection comprises six individual pieces – three plinths and three dishes – which are interchangeable and can be used to create nine different configurations. This interactive approach gives users a sense of creative ownership over the objects, allowing them to construct their own arrangements. An opening in the centre of each dish allows the assembled pieces to be used as flower vases. When grouped together, the collection appears as a series of plateaus that evoke an architectural landscape.

Our Role

We worked closely with Orrefors to reimagine traditional glassworking techniques for a contemporary context, giving the brand a new relevance in today’s highly competitive market.

“Ensemble and the collaboration with Benjamin Hubert and LAYER is another exciting chapter for the repositioning of Orrefors as a leader in Scandinavian interior design.”

David Carlson – Creative Director, Orrefors