Architectural Illumination

Raytrace is an immersive installation commissioned by Cosentino, one of the world’s leading solid surface brands, to showcase its innovative Dekton product at Milan’s Salone del Mobile.

Raytrace was constructed in an underground vault at Milan’s Stazione Centrale. Inside the dark, atmospheric space, visitors encountered two huge, architectural slabs of Dekton – each measuring 6m in height and 24m in length – seemingly balanced on a single edge, creating a triangular passage. Inside this passage, a mesmerising caustic pattern slowly played across the surface, evoking the dreamlike state of being underwater.

Raytrace is a visually powerful demonstration of how Cosentino products can be used as monumental architectural elements, not only as interior surfaces. The play of caustic patterns across the surface shows how architecture comes to life with light, and highlights the qualities of the newly launched material.








Strategic research
Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Brand development
Design for manufacture
Art direction

Raytrace brings this material to life at a monumental scale on global platform, showcasing how it can be used in new and innovative ways