Monograph is an exhibition celebrating the launch of the LAYER book with a showcase of more than 30 projects by the studio.

Material Matters

The LAYER monograph was launched with an exhibition as part of the London Design Festival 2022. The book was brought to life with a showcase of projects from the studio that demonstrate the breadth and diversity of work produced over the years as well as the studio’s singular creative vision. Titled Monograph, the exhibition was sponsored by some of LAYER’s celebrated creative partners, including Allermuir, Prostoria, Andreu World, Allsteel, Moroso, Muuto, Never Go Alone, Viture, and Deutsche Telekom.

Our Role

LAYER was intimately involved in every stage of bringing the LAYER monograph to life, from layout and cover design, to proof-reading, and material selection. The launch of the book was celebrated with an exhibition created by LAYER at the London Design Festival that took the work from page to stage.