The Cradle collection is a unique blend of two seating typologies – a net hammock and a conventional upholstered lounge chair.

Tech Textiles

At LAYER, we examine how the form, format and materiality of traditional product typologies can be re-imagined to enhance their everyday performance. Cradle utilises a high-performance 3D stretch textile developed by LAYER in close collaboration with an Austrian textile factory. The knitted textile has high strength but low density, delivering the necessary ergonomic support for the body using a fraction of the material of a traditional mesh.

Our Role

Cradle is driven by LAYER’s materials-driven, process-led approach, which presents opportunities to discover surprising applications for existing materials. We conducted extensive research into the construction of mesh materials, and our team developed an innovative 3D-knitted cover to reduce material use and improve comfort.

Our extensive research into 3D-knitting enabled us to deliver a lighter, more comfortable and more affordable seating structure