The SmartCoach app is part of the PLAYR smart wearable system that enables athletes to track performance, improve their game, and compete against other players.

Creating Community

With SmartCoach insight, you can, for the first time, benchmark your match and training data against the greatest players in the world, as well as your football peers and community. The SmartCoach system is a world first and been designed for ease of use, with simple, intuitive UI to create a sticky and engaging platform. The high contrast design is ideal for use outside on the sidelines of a pitch.

Our Role

LAYER led the design and development of Catapult’s first consumer product and created a cross-platform re-brand. The project took a holistic approach, encompassing everything from industrial design, engineering, and design for manufacture, to developing an app, brand identity, a logo mark, tone-of-voice and brand assets to complement the hardware.

At LAYER, our digital designers work closely with our industrial designers to create holistic systems with a focus on ease of use and simple, intuitive UI