Strand is a collection of pendant and table lamps constructed from a finely crafted steel frame over which an innovative cocooning material is sprayed.

More With Less

The Strand collection was driven by a desire to create a series of lamps with expressive yet simple contemporary forms using a minimal amount of material. The lightweight and fine steel framework is covered with a very thin yet robust fibrous material to create a form with a large volume and small material impact.

Our Role

LAYER looked to our extensive materials library when developing the Strand collection, seeking out innovative materials that combine lightness with robustness. We then engaged in an iterative design process to develop a collection to appeal to a wide audience. The strand collection has become one of Muuto’s best selling collections.

“We are proud to be the first British designers to work with renowned Scandinavian design brand Muuto. As a brand, they are aligned with our ambition to create simple and accessible products that can be owned by many and seamlessly integrated into the home. With Strand, we have created a collection of softly voluminous pendant lamps that exude gentleness and sensitivity.”

Benjamin Hubert – Founder, LAYER