A Bag For Life

Hop represents a new way to think about how a single piece of adaptable luggage can be seamlessly integratedinto a user’s lifestyle to support everything from the daily commute to international travel

Hop is a bag comprising of two separate parts – the base shoulder bag and top backpack – that can be used either separately or together to cater for a range of travel situations. Additionally, each part can be further adapted to meet the needs of a user’s journey at different stages. When used as a single unit, Hop has the appropriate dimensions to be used as carry-on luggage for all major airlines. Hop is constructed from a durable, high-tech Cordura waterproof textile and features waterproof rubberised zips, making it suitable for use in a diverse range of scenarios – from the workplace to the outdoors. The bag is available in a range of four colours, and the large and small bags can be mixed and matched to create a colourway that suits the style of the user.








Strategic research
Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Design for manufacture
Art direction