SURFACE STRAWS is a collection of reusable glass straws created for Surface magazine.

Crafting a Statement

We are committed to changing the way people engage with the everyday objects they own to drive more sustainable behaviours.

When not in use, the set can be displayed under a glass bell jar as a sculptural centrepiece. By creating a beautiful, reusable set of straws that people truly connect with and perceive as valuable, we can help cut down on single-use plastic straws.

Our Role

We conducted strategic research that informed our industrial design process, while we worked with Bang and Olufsen’s professional ‘tonmeisters’ along the DFM process to support the engineering team that resulted in the successful launch of the product in 2021.

“These glass straws are reusable and durable, responding to environmental concerns around the use of disposable plastic straws – and they are also very visually engaging to encourage continued, regular use.”

Benjamin Hubert – Founder, LAYER