Capsula Mini

Get Smart

CAPSULA MINI is a highly affordable compact smart assistant with a softly rounded visual language that sits comfortably in the home. The donut-shaped form of the smart assistant is driven by the need to incorporate an intuitive LED feedback display and a physical touch interface. The voice- and touch-activated device acts as a hub for the smart home, and can be used to control other smart products, play music, and interact with a variety of applications.

Capsula Mini revolutionises the smart assistant experience by creating a fun, friendly presence in the home. This is mainly achieved by the seven-segment display that anthropomorphises the device to express the emotions of the voice assistant Marusya through two eyes and a nose. By creating a character that users can seemingly befriend and communicate with, the high-tech device becomes engaging and intuitive to use for everyone from children to adults.








Strategic research
Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Design for manufacture
Art direction