Cat Person

Feline Furniture

CAT PERSON is a new brand committed to strengthening the relationship between cats and “cat parents” from the entrepreneurs behind successful subscription shaving company Harry’s. The brand approached LAYER to help transform the fragmented US$75-billion pet market with a collection of cat furniture designed to appeal to cat owners as much as cats. LAYER examined the unique wants and needs that inform feline and pet owner behaviours, collecting user insights to drive the new products.

The resulting collection – comprising Canopy Bed and Mesa Bowl – is playful and expressive with a strong emphasis on inviting materials and adaptability. The sculptural, softly geometric forms and bright “mix and match” colours have been designed to fit easily into contemporary home interiors, and to be proudly displayed by cat owners in the home and on social media.








Strategic research
Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Design for manufacture
Art direction

We have the expertise to disrupt markets underserved by good design with innovative products driven by behavioural insights.