An Essential Task

O6 is a visually soft and simple task chair for Allsteel that responds to our changing definition of the workplace. The design is defined by the large O-shaped frame that supports the generous mesh back rest and its gently contoured seat. The intuitive functionality, inviting form, visual reduction, and a wide range of colours set a new standard for welcoming and approachable workplace furniture. 

The inviting contours of the O6 task chair are visually evocative of its high levels of comfort. With exceptional cushioned support and responsive flexibility, it has been designed to facilitate long-term comfort in a variety of work environments. O6 was in development for two years and its launch marks the first collaboration between LAYER and Allsteel, one of the world’s leading office furniture brands.








Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Design for manufacture

“We reached out to LAYER to advance our design story and think outside the box – we were impressed with the softer, sculptural work the studio had done and wanted to see how that approach could be applied to office furniture.”

Evan Aschbrenner - Sr. Product Portfolio Manager, Allsteel

With the O6 task chair, we wanted to shake things up and LAYER pushed our limits on multiple fronts. LAYER approached the design from the customer perspective to create a modern take on the traditional task chair.”

Evan Aschbrenner - Sr. Product Portfolio Manager, Allsteel

“The team works differently than other design studios, and each time they presented to us they nailed it! The result goes beyond the mechanical chairs we have done in the past – it exudes comfort and will soften the landscape of the workplace.”

Evan Aschbrenner - Sr. Product Portfolio Manager, Allsteel