Refill, Reuse, Repeat

The Never Go Alone packaging has been designed with a focus on sustainability and features innovative on-the-go usability features informed by observation of human behaviours to elevate the hygiene experience and inspire new daily rituals. The sanitiser and hand wipe containers are refillable, reducing waste and encouraging users to build an ongoing relationship with the brand.

The packaging employs a rich palette of oranges and earthy neutrals to create a strong visual identity that differentiates the range from an often medical-driven marketplace. Softly rounded, ergonomic forms crafted from soft-touch materials – including injection-moulded recycled plastic and textile – enhance the experience of handling the products.


Never Go Alone






Packaging Design
Strategic research
Colour, material and finish
Brand development
Design for manufacture
Art direction

“We have had a tremendous experience working with the LAYER team and look forward to continuing to partner with the studio on our future endeavours.”

Nga Nguyen – Founder, Never Go Alone